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Analogue radio has been available commercially for over 60 years in most countries, arguably it reached its peak, both in technology and sales volume, between 2008 and 2014. The shift to digital radio displaced analogue radio for almost a decade! BUT analogue is not dead, not even mortally wounded, it has been lying dormant waiting for a chance to reemerge.

At Wolfsin we like analogue! we never really gave up on it. Analogue is really easy to use and understand with none of the sudden and near instant drop off in communications experienced with digital radios. Not only does analogue sound better but it is easier to test and repair. Also if professionaly manufactured and properly set up it will achieve 95-98% coverage over ground as ANY digital radio. We have two analogue radios available, the IP55 HUSKY and the IP67 SEAL. 

Why do customers ask for analogue radios? Reasons range from much better sounding audio, better over all value and believe it or not, better coverage in certain conditions. In some ways Analogue radio is easier to manage, service and repair and the much exclaimed increased battery time on a digital radio is only true on a single time slot back to back, otherwise there is not much greater battery saving over analogue radio. 

The next question is why Wolfsin analogue radio? We believe we have two exceptional analogue radios which give incredible ruggedness and reliability, increased analogue RF performance and improved functionality and value.

The Analogue HUSKY and the new SEAL are our analogue radios both which are very rugged and tough, massive battery capacity, increased reliability, fully approved and great value. 

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