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POC or PTToC which means Press To Talk Over Cellular. It is not a new technology, it has been tried (and sometimes failed) from the late 1990's. Dolphin, Orange and a few others tried and failed. However as the proliferation of cellular towers continued and 2G became 3G and then 4G and the  speed of data transmission increased a hundred fold and it was finally possible to send speech digitally packaged through a cellular network at speed with almost no delay or latency (although this is not removed completely in larger networks)

The Wolfsin Bravo POC/PTToC platform stands tall above other platforms as it offers regional, national and world wide speech communications at the Press of a button. We have worked tirelessly with one of the largest POC Platform operators and designers to improve the operational features and controls on our reliably secure independent Bravo POC Platform.


The Wolfsin Bravo platform is available to users of our Endurance series of POC handsets. We have worked relentlessly over the last twelve months ensuring that the Endurance E100 POC handset is seamlessly matched to the operational characteristics of the BRAVO platform, ensuring exceptional crystal clear and loud audio and excellent additional services including monitoring and tracking.

Wolfsin POC

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