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Digital DMR two way radio

Without doubt the DMR standard of digital two way radio which uses TDMA technology has became the most popular digital protocol now much more popular than the dPMR protocol. To add a bit of perspective and for those who are old enough and wise enough to remember, it is bit like VHS and BETA video recorders. VHS won over Beta (max) BUT in reality the Beta (max) system was superior and so it is, in many ways with DMR and dPMR.

DMR technology was always going to be the winner in this communications technology race when the USA, EUROPE/UK and CHINA adopted this technology in the main. ONLY Japan continued with dPMR in any serious way, with two formats, dPMR & NXDN. Just like BETA video recorders of the past, dPMR technology is actually better in terms of RF performance but is generally more expensive and less flexible and for a fact (to our ears anyway) neither of the two digital technologies, irrespective of make or model or price, sound as rich, natural or easy to understand as good old fashioned analogue audio.

All of our digital radios use DMR/TDMA technology, all use the latest vocoder technologies and all have multiple zones and channels, all have lone worker some have man down, higher spec radio have TX interrupt and IP roaming at the top end we have GPS and Bluetooth and many other features and functions, we try at all times to keep these functions useful and not frivolous.


With a name like Wolfsin you would expect us to be as green as possible, we only use lithium ion batteries and are quickly moving to lithium polymer as a greener (slightly) alternative. All our products meet CE UKCA WEEE standards.

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