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Desert Dune Riding

At Wolfsin we admire the SWIFT for it's endurance and durability, this is a bird that is able to sustain up to ten months on the wing, flying over impossible distances and in all conditions. The incredible SWIFT is able to out pace a falcon. It should come as no surprise that we would name our first digital in vehicle mobile radio after the incredible swift. 

The swift is our entry to upper mid range full colour LCD, 25/45 watt mobile. It is designed to be hugely reliable, incredible tough, reliable and simple to operate and is the first digital mobile with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY AS STANDARD.


Brochure coming soon

The Wolfsin SWIFT can operate from 5-45 watts in digital (DMR) and 1-45 watts in analogue. Features include.

  • 1024 Channels

  • 64 Zones, Full colour codes

  • Basic encryption

  • Large colour LCD

  • IP54 rating & MIL G on main body

  • 5-8 watts of audio power

  • Digital Scan

  • Large controls and buttons

  • Lone worker & Emergency

  • D plug expansion port

  • CTCSS/DCS in Analogue

  • Available in UHF and VHF

  • 3 year warranty on radio body

  • Available MAY 2024

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